Digital Photography - 29 January 2017

In January we decided to go back to basics with some keyboard and mouse exercises. But this week we thought about doing something different and useful. We showed the class how to transfer photographs from a digital camera to a computer. Read more ...

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Who would have thought it? - 25 November 2016

Mention spreadsheets to the average person and you will see their eyes glaze over. So imagine trying to get a room full of senior citizens to take an interest in them. A couple of weeks ago we asked a couple of people to bring in their utility bills so that we could compare what they pay now with what they could be paying if they switched to a cheaper deal. Read more ...

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Get Online Week 2016 - 23 October 2016

17th October was the start of Get Online Week 2016 or as it is known on Twitter #GOLW16. The week saw us helping out around 15 people who needed digital help and support and we managed to get some of these registered on the Learn My Way website. Read more ...

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Windows 10 - 15 August 2016

Having bought a new computer in August, I decided to give my old machine to a family member, but I was a little concerned about wiping the old system and reinstalling Windows on it. Read more ...

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Preparing to Get Online - 04 August 2016

Get Online Week this year is the 17th to 23rd October and is the UK's biggest digital inclusion campaign. It is managed by Martha Lane Fox's charity Tinder Foundation which was founded in 2011. Read more ...

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